Where my “Girls” at?

6 Jun

The cast of HBO’s “Girls”

The days of Carrie Bradshaw may long be over, minus the occasional reruns on Lifetime, but the effects of Sex & the City are still lingering among groups of girlfriends everywhere. After all, who didn’t go around claiming whether they were a Charlotte with a hint of Miranda and so forth. So when the show was cancelled and the movies proved underwhelming, the women of America were left watching reruns and reminiscing over a show that seemed to speak to their own real life experiences. Fortunately for us,  writer Lena Dunham has  managed to once again capture the hearts of young women everywhere who once looked up to the Carries and Samanthas. This time it’s a little more risque and a lot less sugar coated.

Dunham’s Girls revolves around four girlfriends in their twenties trying to get by while living in the big city. Sex & the City always seemed to glorify New York but here we see how hard NYC can be on a young girl whether it comes to finding love or just a steady job. You become especially enamored with the charms of one of the leading characters, Hannah, played by Dunham herself .

Now I must warn you before you take a gander at this show that it might just make you a bit uncomfortable at times. In fact a lot of times. But don’t let that hinder you from continuing, because soon enough you will see why this series is so entertainingly brilliant. Dunham is raw, and witty, and awkward and everything a young woman should be when juggling life’s problems at 25. We see the ups and downs of these girls’ relationships along with all the incredibly uncomfortable realities of sex and love. The reason we find this show so disconcerting at times, may just be because it so closely resembles our own lives, therefore being uncomfortably realistic at moments. After all, the show’s tagline is ” Living the dream. One mistake at a time.” Pretty much sums it up, huh?

Perhaps it has been precisely this witty brilliance that has captured the attention of acclaimed director and producer Judd Apatow to help produce the series for HBO. Apatow, who’s directed movies like 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, first spotted Lena’s work at the South by Southwest festival where she won Best Narrative Feature and Best First Screenplay for her film Tiny Furniture(2010). The match seemed natural with Apatow’s comedic skill and Dunham’s witty humor.

So after watching the show, it got me wondering about Dunham herself. Where does this awkward but enthralling humor come from. And after seeing a few of her interviews, I completely adore all of her natural yet lovable awkwardness. Check her out below!

The show stars Lena Dunham, Allison Williams(NBC’s Brian Williams daughter), Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, and Adam Driver. Check it out on HBO, Sundays at 10:30pm.


HerCampus Article: 40 Things Every Collegiate Woman Should Have & Know

10 May

So I was inspired by the Glamour article of “30 Things a Woman should Have & Know by 30” and did my own version for the Collegiate Woman. Check it out!


Do You Know What’s In Your Beauty Products?

2 May

I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products and try to do my best to figure out which ones work for me and which ones don’t. Let’s face it everyone’s skin is different so it’s a matter of finding out what suits you. However, recently there have been a lot of articles published about dangerous chemicals and substances being used in one of my favorite beauty products, nail polish. I have over 100 nail polishes so I was pretty worried when I found out some of these brands have carcinogenic substances. Yeah there goes the cancer card in play.

So how do we know what we are using is safe? Well luckily someone had the piece of mind to help all us helpless souls  and create a great website where you can check just how bad or good your beauty product is.  My good friend Joy passed this one along to me and I’m glad she did. Skin Deep is an Environmental Working Group providing consumers with more  information to protect human health and the environment. The Skin Deep Cosmetics Database has reviews on a total of 71,772 products and 2,934 brands rated on how harmful their ingredients are: 0-2 Low Hazard, 3-6 Moderate Hazard, 7-10 High Hazard. To calculate the product score they tally the hazards of individual ingredients and evaluate each product in relation to the rest of the products in the Skin Deep database. The safest products score well by having  a low hazard rating as well as a fair or better data availability.

So I decided to look at some of the beauty products that I’ve been using to check out what sort of danger I was in.

Bare Escentuals Foundation:  3 Hazard Rating


Not too bad, mostly a low rating because of low availability of data and environmental concerns.

Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer: 10 Hazard Rating

Just when I thought Aveeno was my go-to brand, this scared me. Luckily Aveeno body wash is only a 2.


Almay True Lasting Color Liquid Foundation: 4 Hazard Rating

Okay mostly in the clear with this one too.


There were a few scares in my beauty collection but overall not too bad. I’ll definitely be frequenting this site more often before I make my next trip to the drugstore

Spring Break Must-Haves! Get ready, sun, and go!

11 Mar

Here are some must-have spring break items, for your tropical vacay!!!!


Interview Fashion, Check out my article on HerCampus Carnegie Mellon!

26 Feb

Hey ladies! Don’t know what to wear for that big interview?

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The Tasty Traveler: San Francisco Edition

17 Jan

So I love food. I love writing about food. In fact I’d say I end up writing about food quite frequently professionally as well. So why not give you guys a taste for yourselves of some of my favorite spots/meals/recipes.

So this past weekend I visited my best friend in the Bay Area and we headed up to San Francisco for the weekend to hang out with some friends, watch the 49ers kick butt(Don’t worry I’m still a Steelers fan), and grab some tasty grub. Here are some of my San Francisco finds!


Located near the Caltrain station, attached to AT&T Park is The Public House. In fact the word Pub originally comes from the term “public house.” This sports bar had a great vibe especially for the big 49ers game with TV screens flanking all the walls in multiples. At the center of it all is a wall towered with kegs adding to the place’s pub meets sports bar decor. A nice selection of quality beers and some tasty appetizers, Public House was a great pick to watch the Playoffs or any other sports event. I had a nice Dogfishhead and some nachos to sustain me through all the excitement.  Try one of their taster trays offering a sampler of four different beers. Hit this place up before the San Francisco Baseball game since you’re right next to the stadium.


I’m a sucker for ambiance and this place has that with a side of delicious curry. Not only was the decor chic and edgy but the food was a tasty modern twist on Indian cuisine. The cocktails were probably my favorite part. Recently I’ve become a bigger fan of Tequila so I had a “Gunpowder” which included Antiguo Reposado Tequila, gunpowder agave, lemon, elderflower, and grilled mezcal pineapple. DELICIOUS & REFRESHING! My friend had a sweeter pick with the “Peony” made with Right Gin, hibiscus masala nectar, coconut milk, lime, and bird’s eye chili. It was pink frothy, and incredibly yummy. These drinks were probably the most exotic that I’ve ever had and definitely worth it. As for the food I went for the Chennai chicken featuring organic chicken seasoned with cumin, coriander and marinated in organic yogurt. Perfect little plate. This place is a must see and eat!


This place is like the best hug ever after a long day of walking the streets of San Fran. The pie is great, homemade, scrumptious, and not too sweet. One of the best apple pies I’ve ever had, and dare I say perhaps maybe even better than mine, GASP! I also had a hot mocha that was so chocolatey and had just the right hint of sweetness. They get all their ingredients from local farms around the area and you can really taste the difference. A+




Happy New Year to you FREE NAIL POLISH from Zoya!

6 Jan

Hey ladies! I know it seems to good to be true but Zoya is giving away 2 FREE nailpolishes of your choice, just pay shipping and handling. Use the code ZOYA2012 at checkout and you’re good to go! Good until January 9th, so snatch them up!